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Your study abroad decision to the destination country is right choice if that is backed by your profile, background, preference and experience. This is your great and very important decision to pursuit your further career abroad. You may want abroad study either for further study, career and employment or personal enrichment with accredited by government or industry accreditation authority. For this you may need detailed information on the types of qualification and education framework of the destination country. Also when planning international study may keep in mind of your objective as well as availability of courses, their entry requirement as well as exist outcomes, costs, duration, content, work availability during study and so on.

From abroad study you gain skills and qualifications for your professional career ahead by doing the course and other intangible outcomes like cultural experience of the destination country, contacts with local people and other international student’s cultural and sporting pursuits, travel and sightseeing and so on.

Normally you will find two kinds of education marketing for overseas study

  • Formal Education: This education that you will be gaining from abroad study.
  • Study Travel and Tours: This is informal education for which you don’t need student visa.

Formal Education:

Formal education consists of courses leading to a recognized qualification. Formal education providers normally must be accredited by the government or an industry accreditation authority.

Accredited education may include:

  • Elementary, middle, secondary schools
  • Vocational education and training
  • Industry and professional training
  • Polytechnics, institutes of technology
  • Universities and advanced education
  • Language schools.

Normally there are prescribed processes for acceptance and enrollment. Prospective students must meet academic and language prerequisites set by the educational institution, and be able to pay the relevant tuition fees. Enrollment must meet the legal requirements of the destination country.